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Air Raider (the other one)
EDF2 AirRaider.jpg
Primary Role Support
Armor Medium
Mobility Walking only with normal jump and dodge roll
Weapons Limpet guns, support equipment
Special Attributes Additional weapon slot, vehicle driver
Defensive Move Roll

For the original character class this one is derived from, see Air Raider (2025). For the class in EDF 5, see Air Raider (EDF 5).

The Air Raider is a support character class that appears in Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space and is similar, but not identical to, the Air Raider from Earth Defense Force 2025 and Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair.


The IfPS Air Raider is cut down in some ways and expanded in others, though he ultimately has fewer weapons to show for it; 200, to be exact. The primary difference is that he cannot call for vehicle drops: vehicles are found pre-placed in maps as in the original Global Defence Force. However, he retains his three weapon slots despite this: he now has no reserved vehicle slot, but has the limitation that he must select three different weapons or pieces of equipment rather than being able to have two the same as the old Air Raider could.

The IfPS Air Raider no longer has C Bombs or Impulse mines as these have been given back to the Infantry class, though he retains the ZE-Guns. He has a much greater selection of strike options as compensation.

Strikes which use a grenade marker no longer use the standard grenade throw mechanics; instead, the Air Raider will throw the smoke grenade a fixed distance, 200m for Artillery strikes and 100m for Bomber strikes.

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