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Base 228 is a location in Earth Defense Force 5. It is the stage for missions 1-4 as well as missions 79-82


Base 228 is the stage for a rally by the EDF to reconnect and achieve public support after years of inactivity. However, an attack by a swarm of bugs and several Teleport Anchors overran the base, forcing the EDF to abandon it.

Of particular note is the Gigantic Unloader Barga locked away in its depths. This glorified, oversized cargo crane of a mech never saw so much as the light of day until the EDF had the crazy (enough to work) idea of using a giant crane to smash Archelus' face in.

Mission Overview

1-4: Civilian Evacuation

The player is a civilian volunteer (their exact role varies by class) for the rally being guided by a member of the staff. After panicked reports of monsters by other personnel, which the guide laughs off as soldier jokes, the guide is soon eaten by a giant ant before the Sergeant and Alpha team save the player. Arming them with weapons, Alpha team and the player fight their way out of Base 228, before evacuating in response to a massive wave of ants and Anchors just outside the base

79-82: The Formation of Storm Team

In need of a weapon big enough to take on the monster Archelus, the EDF sends the player(s) alongside the Sergeant, the Spriggans, and the Grim Reapers to reclaim Base 228 and the Gigantic Unloader Barga stored within. Unable to stomach any more bickering between the Spriggans and the Grim Reapers, HQ consolidates the units into the new Storm Team. The Spriggans become Storm 4, Grim Reapers Storm 3, Sergeant (though for some reason only him and not his team) Storm 2, and the player(s) Storm 1.