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"Alright, welcome aboard Flight 666 out of New Detroit. Please fasten your seat belts and man your turrets."
— Sully

Big Trouble is the fifth level of the third and final chapter of EDF: Insect Armageddon, making it the fifteenth level in all, and the very last mission in the game.

Trapped in the blast radius of the Cube, Strike Force Lightning try and fight off as many Ravagers as they can before detonation; they are not the only fire squad left behind however as Echo and X-Ray Squads are found to also still be in the area. While both squadrons are saved by Lightning, their Lander extraction is canceled when the Mothership enters the battle and blocks its path. Though the situation appears grim, it is not long before the voice of a savior comes in over the radio: Sully has disobeyed direct orders (pretending his radio transmitter is malfunctioning as an excuse) to fly into the designated no-fly zone to rescue the heroes.

Interestingly, the final cutscene from this mission will get cut short on all but the hardest difficulty, thus revealing more and more of the ending as you beat it on harder difficulty levels. For instance, beating it on Easy mode makes it appear as if Strike Force Lightning and Sully all die in the process of trying to escape. All other endings prove that this is false, and that they have actually survived the ordeal.

Basic Information


EDF IA 3-5 Big Trouble 1

Part 1 of fifteenth level gameplay footage


EDF IA 3-5 Big Trouble 2

Part 2 of fifteenth level gameplay footage

MISSION: Big Trouble
OBJECTIVE: New Detroit
SECTOR: Financial District

Time to go. Of course it's not going to be easy.

Zero-Kill XP:
Previous Mission: Busy Work
Following Mission: N/A


  • Proceed to the waypointed location.
  • Eliminate Ravagers and head across the bridge.
    • Rendezvous with Echo Squad and resupply.
    • Rendezvous with X-Ray Squad at the marked location.
    • Eliminate All Ravagers.
    • Continue to X-Ray's Position.
  • Move to Waypointed LZ for Extraction.
  • Clear the LZ
    • Get in the Lander
    • Take out as many Ravagers as you can... (ENDS MISSION)


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