It is mandatory to go "wee-woo, wee-woo" while driving one.

The Caravan Armored Vehicle is a vehicle that the Air Raider can call on in Earth Defense Force 2025 and Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair. It has been confirmed that it will appear in Earth Defense Force 5.

2025 / 4.1 Edit

Description Edit

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The EDF's definition of "military hospital" is not quite the same as the normal one.

The Caravan is an unarmed, tracked mobile field hospital which can be used to administer treatment to injured soldiers in the field. Since the giant insects and Ravagers clearly do not have any issues with shooting at a hospital, it is also heavily armored.

It is the only such device in either game that can be used an unlimited number of times (subject to supply credit availability), since other healing items like Life Vendors and Reversers cannot be reloaded.

The Caravan has a single driver's position and three positions in the rear treatment bay; the driver is not healed by being in the vehicle, but all soldiers in the rear bay are. Each Caravan has a set amount of medical supplies inside which is displayed where ammunition normally would be, indicating the total number of hitpoints the vehicle can restore. The displayed "recovery rate" is per frame, meaning it occurs up to sixty times a second.

NPC soldiers will never get in a Caravan no matter how injured they are, even if they have been recruited by the Air Raider driving it. The only way for it to heal anyone in singleplayer is if the Air Raider gets in the back himself.

It is a very large, bulky vehicle but is surprisingly fast and manoeuvrable considering how durable it is; a near-level Caravan is actually tougher than an Epsilon Armored Railgun.

Strategy Edit

The primary weakness of the Caravan is that it takes up the Air Raider's vehicle slot, forcing them to rely entirely on strikes or their comparatively puny weapons to deal damage. As such, it is primarily suited to multiplayer use where other players can use it to stay in the fight, and benefits greatly from being hidden under bridges if there are no Deroys or artillery Hectors around to disturb it. It also benefits from protection by ZE-Guns.

Because the vehicle is so large it is actually a little difficult to get on top of it; the best path is to use the front mudguards, then walk along the side of the vehicle about halfway before jumping to the roof.

Variants Edit

All Caravan variants have a crew of 4 and reload for 5,000 credits.

Level Name Health Supplies Restore rate (per frame)
6 Caravan Armored Vehicle 1950 600 0.65
18 Caravan Armored Vehicle CS 2700 1200 0.45
39 Caravan Armored Vehicle M2 7200 1800 2.0
58 Caravan Armored Vehicle Turbo 13500 6000 4.0
72 Caravan Armored Vehicle M3 25500 10000 7.0
76 Caravan Armored Vehicle Turbo S 33000 20000 7.0

EDF 5 Edit

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More like Campervan Armored Vehicle.

The Caravan has been shown as one of the vehicles the new Air Raider can summon, and has a new and seemingly even larger model. According to the official site, the new Caravan will boast even more armor than the original, and also will have improved "climbing ability," though it is not particularly clear what this is a reference to.

Trivia Edit

  • The English name is mistranslated due to the lack of B / V and L / R distinctions in Japanese; it is supposed to be the Caliban armoured vehicle, after a character in Shakespeare's The Tempest.
  • The EDF 5 Caravan has the hull of an American AAVP7A1 Amtrack, with the treads shifted out from under the body and a large section added to the top.
  • Power Posts and Power Assist Guns actually work on a Caravan: they will increase the rate at which it restores life.
  • The interior model used for the rear compartment of the Caravan is identical to that of Armored Vehicle Grape.
  • The Caravan's toughness is a product of the 1.03 balance patch for 2025: prior to this, they had about one-third the amount of health and were basically useless.