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One possible version of Closer, a male Trooper

Closer (クローサー, Kurōsā) is the codename of the player character in Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain. A member of the Earth Defense Force's Quake Team in 2033, Closer used an experimental type of energy core in the battle against the Hivecraft. Closer heroically shot down the Hivecraft, but was injured in the resulting explosion and fell into a coma for seven years. After awakening in 2040, Closer was personally assigned by EDF Commander Renald Campbell to the elite Blast Team to try and help turn the tide of the seemingly endless war against the Aggressors.

Closer's possible English voice actors are Tony Pasquale, Daisy Guevara, Brian Kim, Samantha Cooper, Jason Simon, and Heather McAllister. Closer's possible Japanese voice actors are Taiji Seki, Eri Saita, Makoto, Akiko Inoue, Masahiro Okazaki, and Nami Nakagawa.


In a first for the Earth Defense Force series, Closer is completely customizable, meaning his/her gender, appearance, attire, and voice are all decided by the player. Press releases have also said that the player can determine Closer's personality and chemistry with other characters, but it remains to be seen how this is implemented in-game. In addition to cosmetic features, the player can freely choose the type of PA-Gear Closer wears, and switch between unlocked PA-Gears at will. Closer has access to all of the game's weapons as they are unlocked, regardless of the PA-Gear worn. Initially, Closer begins as a Trooper, but subsequently unlocks the other three PA-Gears for play. Closer does not have dialogue in cutscenes, but like most past EDF protagonists he/she makes vocalizations during combat and can say certain dialogue using the in-game chat menu.

Closer was an ordinary soldier in the 2033 battle against the Hivecraft, but due to his/her actions has been perceived as a hero by others in the EDF. For this reason, upon awakening from his/her coma, Closer was assigned to the elite EDF Blast Time led by Takuma Yagami, under the specific orders of the EDF's commander Renald Campbell. Campbell specifically tells Closer that he has big expectations for him/her, even calling Closer a "hero." Closer is uniquely equipped compared to other members of Blast Team, due to possessing the last remaining model of the experimental PA-Gear he/she used in 2033. This PA-Gear grants Closer the ability to use "Overdrive" once per mission. Overdrive overcharges Closer's PA-Gear, temporarily granting him/her special abilities. As a Trooper Closer gains the E-Dodge ability, as a Jet Lifter he/she has E-Flight, as a Heavy Striker he/she gains E-Shield, and as a Prowl Rider he/she can use E-Needle and summon a G-L.I.A.R.



  • Closer's real name is never revealed. Other characters in the game note that "Closer" is only his/her codename, but never mention nor ask about his/her actual name.