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Ditchslap is the fourth level of the first chapter of EDF: Insect Armageddon. The Strike Force Lightning (the players' characters) are forced to attempt to rendezvous with an extraction team as EDF casualties rise.

It is the first level in the game to feature Wasps, and is also the first point in the game that Mecha are made available, and for that matter, the first time a non-lander vehicle is available at all. It is also notable for taking place in a different segment of the previous level's map, continuing directly from where it had left off.

Basic Information


EDF IA 1-4 Ditchslap

Fourth level gameplay footage

MISSION: Ditchslap

OBJECTIVE: New Detroit

SECTOR: Residential District

Mounting EDF casualties and the presence of the Ravager bombers have forced EDF HQ to order Lightning's extraction from the sector. Getting out may not be as easy as getting in.

Zero-Kill XP:

Previous Mission: On the Run

Following Mission: The Daddy


  • Use the Mechs to kill all Ravagers and Anthills as you fight our way down the canal.
    • Destroy all Ravagers.
  • Plant a charge to get into the tunnel.
  • Clear out the tunnel - Destroy Anthills.
    • Move to Way Point.
  • Move to the new Rally Point.
    • Take out the Anthill near the bridge.
  • Destroy the Carrier and all Ravagers.
  • Move to the Extraction Point near the bridge. (ENDS MISSION)


Behind the scenes

  • The level's name is a pun on a slang American term, the bitchslap, which is a powerful, full-swimp slap to the face with the front of the hand. Though initially a term used in reference to prostitution, it is now frequent in American usage to denote a humiliating defeat or punishment. This level fits the former, showcasing the EDF's humiliating defeat only 4 missions into the storyline.
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