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Earth Defense Force 2017 (AKA: Earth Defense Force 3, Chikyu Boeigun 3) is the third installment of the Earth Defense Force series and is the first in the series to be released in North America. The game features 171 weapons, 4 vehicles, and 53 levels. The player takes control of a soldier known only as Storm 1, the best of the best in the Earth Defense Force, as he fights to defend Japan from the Ravager invasion. This was the first and thus far only installment of the series to not initially be released on a Sony console.


2017 is a remake of Monster Attack as it is based in the "great war" of 2017. EDF 2017 reuses sound effects from enemies and the menus of Monster Attack. Versus mode and split screen are included along with 5 difficulty levels.

Levels in both games are similar, the dinosaur boss stage, the robots coming from out at sea, and being on a beach and being attacked by red ants for the first time, both happen in 2017 and Monster Attack.

It was announced in fall of 2012, first on Twitter and then on Facebook, that the game would be ported to the PlayStation Vita under the title Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable to be released in North America. This version includes the Pale Wing character, 7 new levels, and a number of "Titania" weapons that would later turn up with different names in Earth Defense Force 2025's Fencer class.

Weapon Types

Japanese box art for Earth Defence Force 3 (Earth Defence Force 2017)

Assault Rifles: The standard weapon of the EDF. Assault Rifles are a very diverse type of weapon. Some have a high rate of fire and low accuracy, others fire one shot at a time with high accuracy and damage. They are useful against most enemies.

Shotguns: Shotguns are the best weapon for killing Ants and Spiders in the game. They fire multiple pellets at once which do a lot of damage at close range. Some shotguns have a more focused spread for better accuracy while others have a far wider spread for more close range damage.

Sniper Rifles: Some of the most powerful weapons in the game. Weapons such as the Lysander Z are classified as Sniper Rifles. They are very accurate and damaging at long range and are effective against Hectors and Gunships.

European box art for Earth Defence Force 2017

Missile Launcher: Missile Launchers fire guided missiles which home in on the nearest target. Some such as the MLRA fire many missiles in rapid succession while others such as the Air Tortoise fire one very damage missile at a time.

Rocket Launcher: Staples of the EDF soldier, rocket launchers provide massive damage and predominantly high accuracy. Unlike missile launchers, rocket launchers fire unguided rockets that are effective against hordes of enemies. Some like the Cascade fire rockets in rapid succession while others like the Goliath fire one very damaging rocket at a time.

Grenade: Grenades can be divided into two categories. Hand Grenades which need to be thrown and Grenade Launchers which are as easy to use as rifles. Hand Grenades have to be thrown in an arc and are useful in limited situations. Grenade Launchers can be used like rifles to inflict losses on swarm enemies like ants and spiders. Notable Grenade Launchers include the Sticky Grenade Prototype and the UMRA.

Special Weapons: Special weapons are the most diverse weapon type. Weapons in this type include the Acid Gun, Flamethrower, and the ever so useful ZEXR. Other weapons such as the burner are not useful at all and are silly weapons.







Quadruped Fortress

Vallak Dino Mechs



This is for the Wiki team to comb through as they make the mission pages ignore this unless the page is missing below, current mission hold within is missions #1-24
1 Arrival: An extraterrestrial spaceship has appeared above the city. The alien force is so large in number that it covers the entire sky. Negotiations are currently underway, but in case of an emergency, all Ranger Teams and Storm Teams are to report to their designated posts.
2 Invasion: The city is in a state of panic because of the sudden appearance of giant insects. All available Ranger Teams and Storm Teams are to report to the scene at once. You must protect the civilians from the bugs. At this time, we do not know the relationship between The Ravagers and these giant bugs, but we are gathering data as quickly as possible.
3 Melee: There are still a large number of bugs throughout the city. The Ranger Teams are continuing to carry on the fight. All deployable troops are to enter combat at once.
4 Landing: The giant bugs continue to be deployed throughout the city. They are attacking civilians and eating them. This threat needs to be eliminated at all costs. Storm 1 and 2 are to go into battle at once and support the Ranger Teams that are already engaged in combat.
5 Search: From the EDF Commander Center: "We regret to inform you that we have no choice but to officially recognize the Ravagers as a full invasion force." An assault on the Ravagers will begin at once. Air forces around the world will team up to perform a joint strike on their spacecraft fleet. Meanwhile, ground infantry units are to seek out and eliminate the giant bugs on the ground.
6 Airforce: The joint air force has been annihilated by the gunships. Air supremacy is now in the hands of the enemy. The enemy mothership continues above the city, launching a fleet of gunships. The city will be destroyed unless they are stopped at once. Attack the gunships and give the civilians time to evacuate.
7 Takedown: The Ravagers' large UFOs are deploying giant bugs around the globe. It appears these UFOs act as something like aircraft carriers. If we don't stop the UFOs, the giant bugs will continue to cause more damage. These UFOs need to be taken down at once.
8 Mobilization: The UFOs have been successfully destroyed, but the remaining bugs need to be eliminated. However, there are reports of more UFOs heading this way. Despite having taken down the last fleet, it's clear that they still pose a considerable threat. If the reports are correct, you are to join the Ranger Teams in battle and combine your forces.
9 Tsugawa: We have reports of a new type of Ravager soldier, dubbed Walking Arms. They look like giant shiny silver robots. They are currently assembling at the Tsugawa Inlet and Senjogahara. We will split into two units and attack them at both locations. Storm 1 is to take part in the Tsugawa Inlet defense. The enemy is to be destroyed before they reach Japanese soil. Storm 1 and 5 will be our assault teams.
10 Arms: The enemy was successfully prevented from landing ashore at the Tsugawa Inlet. However, our defense forces at Senjogahara were destroyed. A large army of Walking Arms are about to invade the city. The city is in danger. All deployable troops are to converge on the city and intercept the enemy.
11 Infiltration: We've got some terrible news. The giant bugs have begun to build an underground nest. If they begin to reproduce, this planet will be overrun by those bugs. The nest needs to be destroyed at once. We will infiltrate this nest and eliminate the giant bugs from within.
12 Reinforcement: The Ravagers' UFOs are deploying a new type of giant bug. They need to be destroyed before the situation gets out of hand. The Ranger Teams are already engaged in combat. Reinforce them immediately.
13 Retaliation: The UFOs are continuing to deploy giant spiders. They've caused much destruction in the city. These creatures are extremely deadly in battle and the Ranger Teams are having a tough time fighting them. You are to go and aid them in battle.
14 Fortress: We have an urgent report from our intel center. The mothership that was floating over the Atlantic Ocean has changed course and is now heading for Japan. We're gathering the finest men from the Storm Teams to intercept it. Scout 4 is on their way there as well.
15 Blockade: The walking fortress is heading for Tokyo. If we don't stop it here and now, its plasma cannons will destroy the entire metropolitan area. We need to deploy immediately, but there aren't many troops on standby. Having said that, there are several teams that are currently heading for this area.
16 Multiplication: The assault on the walking fortress was a failure. Also, some new intel just came in and the situation keeps getting worse. Giant bugs have been spotted outside eastern Japan and it appears they are coming from beneath the ground. Several bugs have been seen emerging from these holes. The holes need to be blown up to prevent the damage from spreading any further.
17 Nesting: More bad news. It appears the giant bug nests extend into an underground network. The bugs have begun to reproduce within this nest. It's only a matter of time before they take over the planet. Their nest needs to be destroyed at once. We know that entering this nest to combat the bugs is a dangerous mission, but this is all we can do to combat this new threat.
18 Dino-mech: A gigantic alien creature has been spotted! From the looks of it, it's about 120 feet tall. All units are ordered to combine their forces and take down this monster.
19 Umbra: Several large UFOs have been spotted deploying giant bugs in the mountains. Now that we know these bugs build nests, we cannot afford to leave them be. You are ordered to go up into the mountains and destroy those UFOs.
20 Artillery: An army of Hector Walking Arms is advancing. According to our intel, they are a new type equipped with plasma cannons, possibly a support artillery unit. They are reducing everything in their path to rubble. They cannot be allowed to cause any further destruction. You are to head out immediately and destroy them.
21 Crimson: A large number of giant bugs have been spotted along the coast. They are a much tougher species than the ones you've encountered so far. Work with the Ranger Teams to eliminate this new threat.
22 Trapped: The giant bugs were successfully defeated, but on their way back, the teams were ambushed. Our Ranger Teams have been destroyed and surviving Storm Team members are stranded in the mountains, surrounded by enemies. With no way to rescue them, it's only a matter of time until even Storm 1's amazing luck runs out.
23 Expansion: Holes leading to the aliens' underground nest have been discovered inside the city. Giant bugs are pouring out of them. It appears the nest has expanded over time and now extends as far as the city. You are to head out there at once and take out those holes.
24 Interception: We have received intel that a large ravager unit is converging along the coast. Deploy your forces at once. You are to ambush and eliminate them. The EDF is currently planning a massive operation to infiltrate the aliens' nest. We need to hit the enemy hard now to give us more time to plan for this operation.

Levels: Earth Defense Force 2017
1-10 ArrivalInvasionMeleeLandingSearchAir forceTakedownMobilizationTsugawaArms
11-20 InfiltrationReinforcementRetaliationFortressBlockadeMultiplicationNestingDino-mechUmbraArtillery
21-30 CrimsonTrappedExpansionInterceptionDescent 1Descent 2Descent 3Descent 4AssaultAnchored
31-40 AdvanceMarchSurpriseBreachSweepThunderEruptionSurroundedLegionReturn
41-50 OccupationKingSpearheadExtermination 1Extermination 2Extermination 3UprisingWrathEliteUnknown
51-53 ConvergenceInfernoStarship

Levels: Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable
1-10 ArrivalInvasionMeleeLandingSearchAir forceTakedownMobilizationTsugawaArms
11-20 InfiltrationReinforcementRetaliationFortressBlockadeMultiplicationNestingDino-mechUmbraArtillery
21-30 CrimsonTrappedExpansionInterceptionDescent 1Descent 2Descent 3Descent 4AssaultAnchored
31-40 AdvanceMarchSurpriseBreachSweepThunderEruptionCavaliersSurroundedLegion
41-50 ReturnOccupationKingSpearheadExtermination 1Extermination 2Extermination 3GlowUprisingWrath
51-60 FortitudePrecipiceEliteArachnidUnknownRoyaltyConvergenceInfernoGraveStarship


  • Statements by NPCs in Earth Defense Force 2025 indicate that while Storm 1 mysteriously disappeared after the war, the hero survived and joined the Storm Team. That said, it is written in such a way as to imply the entire Storm Team were the original heroes, no matter what class they are or how many of them there are. In particular, the leader of Omega Team directly states: "Storm Team, I was waiting for another chance to fight with you, like that day 8 years ago."
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