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Firebase Clyde is the second level of the first chapter of EDF: Insect Armageddon. Strike Force Lightning (the players' characters) attempt to defend an EDF base as the Ravagers step up the game.

Basic Information


EDFIA 1-2 Firebase Clyde

Second level gameplay footage

MISSION: Firebase Clyde

OBJECTIVE: New Detroit

SECTOR: Residential District

Lightning is ordered to lend a hand to Strike Force Sabre in retaking a firebase. The hunt for the giant Ravager continues...

Zero-Kill XP:

Previous Mission: Invasion Alert

Following Mission: On the Run


  • Secure Firebase Clyde.
    • Hold Firebase Clyde.
  • Move to the new Rally Point.
    • Engage Ravagers.
  • Destroy 3x Anthills and all Ravagers.
  • Proceed to the Extraction Point.


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