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The Floating City Adan is a powerful boss enemy in Global Defense Force.


Man, oh man, this thing is HUGE! It's one of the biggest enemies in Global Defense Force. Being first encountered in Mission 36, it's the ultimate boss of the game.

Attack and Support List

There is a large collection of weapons. Here we go!

  1. Energy Cannons: You see those cannons? Watch out, because they fire off lasers at you very quickly. On higher difficulties (Hardest and Inferno), the Adan is able to launch a red laser attack that is really fast and can also eat away at your health, which inspired the Flight Vehicles from Earth Defense Force 2025 and Shadow of New Despair.
  2. Laser Cannons: Over 50 of these cannons are on the Floating City Adan. They can unleash a green laser that are very dangerous to player, as they slow them down. Destroy these first if possible, because they're one of the biggest threats! The laser is very similiar to Earth Eaters' laser cannons from Earth Defense Force 2025 and Shadow of New Despair.
  3. Particle Cannons: It's similar to the Energy Cannons, however, it's much faster and more damaging. Its range is slightly shorter, however, and the cannon can reload fast and has good accuracy.
  4. Plasma Cannon: Akin to the Plasma Launchers from Earth Defense Force 2025 and Shadow of New Despair, it has a big blast range and has longer range than the other cannons. Avoid its plasma orb at all costs, because it can wipe away 500 HP off of you. Isn't that painful? It's also very tough, to make matters worse.
  5. Genocide Gun: This is similar to the Mothership's Genocide Gun from Earth Defense Force 2017. It deals 5000 damage on Inferno and has a blast radius of a huge 75m radius! This cannon is very tough, but not as tough as the Mothership's.
  6. Shield Deployment: The shield screen can prevent you from attacking the Adan. Because it blocks all of your weapons' attacks and this shield cannot be destroyed, destroy the Plasma Cannon for 1 shield layer taken off and 2 cannons for 2 shield layers. This shield can't attack but its energy is so strong that it can defend all attacks.
  7. Hypermissile: A really destructive attack. It'll shred a HUGE amount of armor off of you if you're hit by it. It's sad that the missile can't go through buildings, therefore leading it behind one is an excellent way to counter this.
  8. Weapon Drops: The Adan will drop Imperial Guards when its hatch opens up. Take the guards out first, then keep fighting.
  9. The Core: Attack it! You won't be able to take the Adan down without it being destroyed. Once the core is exposed, bowl over it with your longest-range weapon!