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Genocide Gun is a name applied to two different weapons in the EDF series.

Handheld Genocide Gun


The Genocide Gun

Usage of the Genocide Gun in EDF 2017.

The Genocide Gun is the ultimate weapon in Global Defence Force and 2017 but is also by far the most difficult weapon to unlock. It has a 70 or 75m blast range and does 1,000,000 damage. It is unlocked by beating all levels on Inferno difficulty. The Pesticide weapons in Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon are most likely an homage to this gun. While this gun is extremely efficient at eliminating the aliens, it will take out the EDF soldiers just as fast. This is why it is of the utmost importance to use this weapon with great care and to make sure that one is always outside of the blast radius before firing. Also, it doesn't inflict any damage to certain enemies like UFOs, Dino-mechs or the Mothership.


Global Defence Force

The Genocide Gun counts as a rocket launcher. The versions in Portable and Invaders from Planet Space are exactly the same, with IfPS not allowing the weapon to be used in multiplayer.

Level Name Magazine size Rate of fire (shots / sec) Range (m) Damage Reload (sec) Attack radius (m) Accuracy
N/A Genocide Gun 1 1 1600 1000000 30 70 B+


The Genocide Gun counts as a rocket launcher. The version in this game features a 6x scope as the alternate fire, and deals 0 damage to enemies on Inferno difficulty. The only difference in 2017 Portable is that as with IfPS, the Genocide Gun cannot be used in multiplayer.

Level Name Magazine size Rate of fire (shots / sec) Range (m) Damage Reload (sec) Attack radius (m) Accuracy
99 Genocide Gun 1 1 6000 1000000 3.3 75 S+

2025 deleted content

A handheld Genocide Gun like the one in earlier games was apparently tested during development, but caused too many framerate problems and was dropped. Hacking the game using a modded console has shown that the Ranger Genocide Gun (with the internal name GENOCIDEGUN) and the Wing Diver equivalent, Armageddon Cluster (P_LAUNCHER_ARMAGEDDON), are still in the game files in an unfinished state (with their weapon level set at 100), while the code contains references to what is presumably a Fencer impact-type Genocide weapon (H_IMPACT_GENOCIDE), a Genocide grenade, possibly some kind of Air Raider strike (E_THROW_GENOCIDE) and a Genocide rocket launcher (S_ROCKET_GENOCIDEGAN) but no actual weapon data.

The EDF 2025 Genocide Gun has a completed model, but shows an icon of an AF100 rifle. A video of the Genocide Gun being used in EDF 2025 can be found here. The Armageddon Cluster has both a complete model and its own selection icon, and can be seen here.

Mothership Genocide Gun

The Mothership's Genocide Gun assembly in EDF 4.1.

In Global Defence Force, Earth Defense Force 2025 and Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair, the term is applied to the Ravager Mothership and the Floating City Adan's huge underside cannons (though in Japanese versions this use goes right back to Monster Attack). In Global Defence Force Adan's primary weapon is called the "Genocide Cannon" in the briefing for mission 68 in the PAL version, and the Mothership's weapon is named in-game in mission 7 in the Japanese version. As such, the EDF weapon appears to be a portable version developed from salvaged alien technology.

In Monster Attack and Global Defence Force the Genocide Gun assembly takes the form of a series of prongs on the underside of the Mothership surrounded by a large rotating ring: the prongs create a series of energy balls which drift slowly to the ground below and cause massive explosions. The ring structure also has an associated attack, generating a circle of energy.

Adan's Genocide Gun is mounted in its center, and is similar in appearance to the Mothership's weapon. This version fires extremely powerful homing lasers.

In 2017, 2025 and 4.1 the Genocide Gun is a giant assembly that extends from the Mothership's underside port and unfolds, glowing as it prepares to fire; when it fires it shoots out a 180-degree arc of beams each of which causes an overlapping 10,000 damage explosion, usually dealing 20,000 damage to anything caught in the attack.

In 2025 the Genocide Gun on the Mothership can be destroyed in any mission it appears in, while 4.1 is wise to such silly trickery and makes it invincible until the actual battle with the Mothership.

The weapon is usable in 2025 as the Air Raider weapon "Rule of God," which fires the Mothership's Genocide Gun rather than being handheld.

The Mothership's main weapon is not specifically called "Genocide Gun" in Earth Defense Force 5, but it operates in a similar manner to the version from Monster Attack and Global Defence Force, firing slow-moving green energy balls which cause gigantic explosions on impact with the ground. This time around, the prongs which surround the cannon can be destroyed, with the number of energy balls fired decreasing with each one taken out. The 2025 and 4.1 Genocide Gun effect is re-used for the Fury Cannons of the Outpost Base.