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Heavy Striker
Heavy Striker.png
Primary Role Close combat, combat against mega-giant Ravagers
Armor High
Mobility Walking
Weapons Heavy weaponry and artillery
Special Attributes E-Shield

The Heavy Striker (ヘビーストライカー, Hebī Sutoraikā) is a soldier class found in Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain. Equivalent to the Fencer from the Sandlot games and the Battle Armor from Insect Armageddon, the Heavy Striker as its name implies is the heavy soldier class in the game. Heavy Strikers' PA Gear is equipped with two Energy Cores, allowing them to equip two weapons simultaneously. The Heavy Striker was developed for combat against mega-giant Ravagers that are too large for standard infantry, but their weapons allow them to engage virtually any enemy in close combat. While possessing the highest armor rating, the Heavy Striker is the most challenging soldier class to play as, due to both its limited mobility and the time it takes to recharge weapons.


The official website for Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain describes the Heavy Striker as follows:

PA-Gear newly developed for combat against mega-giant ravagers. It holds two Energy Cores, allowing the wearer to use two weapons at once. Its electromagnetic "E-Field" barrier provides iron-solid protection. Its combat capabilities are strong enough to take on any form of enemy, but recharging its Energy Cores takes time once it is completely depleted. Recommended for experienced soldiers who can use the gear strategically, while keeping an eye on remaining Energy. E-Shield ability can protect the wearer from bullets, lasers, and explosions. However, it does not protect against physical attacks like body contact or getting stomped on. Heavy Strikers use a highly durable actuator which allows them to equip one weapon in each hand. However, reloading is performed with one hand, so they reload slower than other PA-Gears. The more complex a weapon is, the longer its reload time will be.

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