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Hectored is the fourth level of the second chapter of EDF: Insect Armageddon, making it the ninth level in all.

It is the first level to feature the gargantuan Hector MK.II, one of the game's boss opponents. This foe is comparable to the Vallak Dino Mech from Earth Defense Force 2017.

During this level, Intel informs both Ops and Strike Force Lightning that the "Hector-class Robot MK.II" was first spotted in Tokyo, Japan (thus alluding back to the events of Earth Defense Force 2017 in the only direct link between the games, which also indicates that Insect Armageddon also takes place during the Ravager War of 2017). When Lightning successfully brings down the Hector, Intel shows surprise and reveals that the Japanese were unable to do more than damage a few MK.IIs, which now control the city.

It is also one of the levels that show Intel's lack of helpfulness when he gets too enthralled by reading about the new Hectors and goes silent several times during the fight.

Basic Information


EDF IA 2-4 Hectored

Ninth level gameplay footage

MISSION: Hectored

OBJECTIVE: New Detroit

SECTOR: Industrial District

Lightning is ordered to rendezvous with D Battalion and fight across to the next crash site.

Zero-Kill XP:

Previous Mission: Trash Island

Following Mission: The Cube


  • Rendezvous with D Battalion.
    • Resupply at rally point.
  • Assault giant Ravager.
    • Destroy all Ravagers.
  • Head to rally point.
    • Await orders. [ENDS MISSION]


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