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Intel is the only name given to a representative the Earth Defence Force Intelligence Division in Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon.

Insect Armageddon

They specialize in enemy data and deal with important information related to the EDF, helping out Strike Force Lightning in their missions. At least in radio conversation, they are represented by a single person - whose name is never disclosed, nor is he ever seen.

Sometimes they can be helpful, giving useful information on how to closeAnthills or defeat certain Ravager enemies - other times, they can be utterly useless (which Ops even comments about).

Intel keeps Strike Force Lightning in the dark regarding The Cube, an experimental bomb meant to wipe out the RavagersOps eventually grows tired of the 'mushroom treatment' they are giving Lightning, and Intel later reveals the big secret to Strike Force Lightning. After they set the bomb, Intel gives them the news that this is a suicide mission - acknowledging that they are expendable.

In the end, the individual Intel member is revealed to actually be on the side of Lightning and was just doing his job as required.