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Jet Lifter
Jet Lifter.png
Primary Role Aerial assault and reconnaissance
Armor Low
Mobility Walking, flight
Weapons Assault rifles and energy weapons
Special Attributes E-Flight

The Jet Lifter (ジェットリフター, Jetto Rifutā) is a soldier class found in Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain. Analogous to the Wing Diver from the Sandlot games and the Jet Armor from Insect Armageddon, the Jet Lifter is a highly mobile soldier class with the capability of flight. The Jet Lifter uses energy from his or her Energy Core to power flight, and reigns supreme over enemies on the ground. However, the Jet Lifter possesses a very low armor rating compared to the Trooper, and is best suited to ranged combat. It is considered an intermediate soldier class in terms of difficulty, being slightly more challenging than the Trooper.


The official website for Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain describes the Jet Lifter as follows:

A mobile PA-Gear used for assaults and reconnaissance. The energy core is directly connected to the aerial units to make free flight possible. Reign supreme over enemies on the ground. Enabled what is called “E-Flight” that made the users travel the air freely by supplying the output of the Energy Core to the flight unit. Users can easily attack the huge creatures which can’t fly from the blind spot and can even destroy them one-sidedly. On the other hand, the armor is sharpened to the limit to maximize the flying performance and therefore, the defense power is very low compared to that of the trooper. Although this is a PA-Gear fairly easy to treat for everyone, users need to be very trained and skillful in order to maximize its power.

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