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The Kindred Rebellion (カインドレッド・レべリオン, Kaindoreddo Reberion) is a resistance faction featured in Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain. The Rebellion originated as an elite Earth Defense Force unit known as Flare Team, which initiated a coup d'etat against the EDF in 2035 under the leadership of Gideon and his sister Faiza. The Kindred Rebellion operates from abandoned underground tunnels and bunkers and "Priority Defense Level D" areas, and utilizes decommissioned EDF warmechs to wage its own war against the Aggressors as well as loot Energy Gems. This often puts the Rebellion into direct conflict with the EDF itself, and as such it is designated as a terrorist group by the EDF. Members of Blast Team bitterly refer to members of the Rebellion as "hyenas," in reference to their tendency to loot Energy Gems dropped in battle. The Kindred Rebellion recruits EDF dissenters and deserters as well as unaffiliated citizens or even former members of bandit groups.

The Kindred Rebellion and its Nightcrawler warmechs may appear during missions to attempt to loot Energy Gems dropped by fallen Aggressors. It will be hostile to the members of Blast Team and must be defeated in order to secure Energy Gems. The Kindred Rebellion maintains control of some underground areas that have been left behind by the EDF, which are now patrolled by Storm Ant Scouts under the Rebellion's control through PA Gear technology. The Kindred Rebellion is playable in the game's online PvP "Mercenary Mode," which pits a team of four EDF soldiers against a team of four Rebellion soldiers in a competition to retrieve the most energy gems.



  • The Kindred Rebellion represents the first instance of an enemy faction in an EDF game besides the invading aliens.