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The Lander Archangel, 2 days from retirement.

The Lander is a very versatile aircraft used by the Earth Defence Force's American division, seen only during the Insect Armageddon. It is used mostly for transporting soldiers and equipment, however it can be used as air support. Each Lander comes equipped with two machine guns that can be operated by two soldiers. Should worse come to worse and the lander is brought down, it has both a pulse to attract Ravager insects towards it as well as a timed self-destruct sequence. However these appear to only be accessible from the outside hatch, requiring recon teams to initiate them.

Known Lander Pilots


Early concept art showing what the Lander would ultimately not look like.

  • Landers look like they are based off of the American Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey design, but with thrusters in the place of the rotors. Their concept art looks totally different to the final model.
  • In the Japanese version the Lander is referred to as the PD-01 Pteranodon.