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"Does this mean that the progress of the giant insects exceeds human wisdom? Progress faster than science is impossible!"
—Ohara has a typically confusing reaction to the appearance of the Retiarius

Ohara is a character who informs Storm Team during their missions in Earth Defense Force 2025 and Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair. A professional "Ravager Researcher," he had an unclear but apparently major role in preparing Earth's defences against a second invasion.

His voice actor in the English version is credited as "Taylor Henry," a pseudonym used by Jamieson Price.


Ohara first appears in mission 02: Spreading Disaster, where he requests to provide additional information to the troops on the new giant insect threat. From then on he will routinely speak up during missions and speak with HQ, often waxing philosophical and proposing rather bizarre hypotheses about the Ravagers and the giant insects. His character appears to be inspired by Intel from Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, and he is of similarly debatable competence.

While initially confident about humanity's prospects against the giant insects, he is taken aback at how quickly they have progressed since the 2017 war and persistently finds his preparations failing as the Ravagers join in the invasion. As the sheer scale of the Ravagers' weaponry is revealed, he declares that with the ability to control weapons that are equivalent to a planet's mass, "they are like gods."

He is eventually killed near the end of the invasion (mission 75 (79 in 4.1), City Flaws), while searching recent meteorite impact craters to try and discover a possible Ravager Brain. He finds it, but he and his escorts are soon surrounded by the enemy. He sees no way out but before he dies he issues an encouraging transmission to the rest of the Earth Defense Force.


  • It is not clear if Ohara is the character's first name or surname, since his full name is never given. The spelling of his name as "Ohara" rather than "O'Hara" is given in the credits.
  • Jamieson Price also played The Colonel in Akira, so he has gone from being a character with no given name to being the only character who does have a name in EDF 2025.
  • His preparations apparently included completely forgetting about Spiders, since he treats them as an entirely new species.