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On The Run is the third level of the first chapter of EDF: Insect Armageddon. Strike Force Lightning (the players' characters) are forced to pull back to safety as Ravagers begin to bomb the area to reduce Human resistance.

It is the first level in the game to feature Spiders, Gunships, and Carriers, although the latter is invincible and does not act like later carriers found throughout the game. The next level, Ditchslap, takes place in a different segment of the map, beginning where On The Run leaves off.

Basic Information


EDFIA 1-2 On The Run

Third level gameplay footage


OBJECTIVE: New Detroit

SECTOR: Residential District

Ravagers have begun to carpet bomb the city, forcing a shift in mission strategy as Lightning must scramble to safety.

Zero-Kill XP:

Previous Mission: Firebase Clyde

Following Mission: Ditchslap


  • Move to the Rally Point.
    • Engage Gunships.
  • Move to the Rally Point at Firebase Abraham.
    • Destroy incoming Ravagers.
  • Move to New Rally Point.
    • Destroy Ravager Carrier Vessel.
  • Move to Evacuation Way Point.
    • Destroy all incoming Ravagers.
  • Fight your way to drainage pipe entrance.
    • Mop up and eliminate Ravagers.
  • Enter the drainage pipe. (ENDS MISSION)


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