Prowl Rider

Prowl Rider
Prowl Rider.png
Primary Role Tactical combat, commandeering of giant creatures
Armor Medium
Mobility Walking, aerial combat with E-Needle, riding atop giant creatures
Weapons Standard firearms, Sword, G-L.I.A.R. technology
Special Attributes E-Needle

The Prowl Rider (プロールライダー, Purōru Raidā) is a soldier class found in Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain. Corresponding to the Air Raider from the Sandlot games and the Tactical Armor from Insect Armageddon, the Prowl Rider is the game's tactical soldier class. The Prowl Rider wields standard-sized infantry firearms similar to those wielded by the Trooper, but is distinguished by its use of the highly mobile but erratic "E-Needle" ability. Most notably, the Prowl Rider can use his or her E-Needle to control and mount a G-L.I.A.R., a giant creature summoned into the battle on behalf of the EDF. The G-L.I.A.R. is effectively a living tank, and the technology used to control it was reverse-engineered from tech recovered from the Kindred Rebellion. The Prowl Rider is considered a challenging class to play as, as experienced players are required to effectively use its special abilities. After beating the game, the player unlocks Prototype Prowl Rider PA-Gear, which is that used by the Kindred Rebellion.


The official website for Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain describes the Prowl Rider as follows:

The latest PA-Gear, based on prototype gear developed by the Kindred Rebellion which was obtained, analyzed, and completed by the EDF. This gear stands above the others with the astonishing mobility of its wire-powered "E-Needle" ability, and the "G-L.I.A.R" ability that can be used during Overdrive to deploy a giant creature. However, the experience of a truly seasoned soldier is essential in order to effectively control the oft erratic E-Needle, and harness the potent G-L.I.A.R. Essentially a living tank, a G-L.I.A.R. is a giant creature controlled using the Prowl Rider's E-Needle ability, which sends neural pulse waves after linking to the giant creature's nerve fibers. The concept of "domesticating" the giant creatures was initially devised by the Kindred Rebellion, with the EDF later rushing to begin their own research into it.



The standard EDF Prowl Rider gear, reverse-engineered from the Kindred Rebellion's designs. It has almost as much item capacity and durability as a Trooper, but with greater mobility options thanks to the E-Needle

Kindred Rebellion

The prototype Prowl Rider gear developed by the Rebellion and the basis for the EDF's version. Compared to the EDF's design, it moves much faster and can carry more items in exchange for lower durability.


  • The Prowl Rider's grapple ability is reminiscent of Spider-Man's web-swinging ability, which is acknowledged twice in the game. When Closer grapples onto a building as Prowl Rider, Mike may say that it's "straight out of a comic book!" There is also a trophy for the game called "Your Friendly Neighborhood Prowl Rider," clearly referencing Spider-Man.
  • The Prowl Rider also is reminiscent of the scouts from Attack on Titan, with holsters for the grappling hooks that resemble the 3D maneuver gear from that series. In the trailer that revealed the class, the Prowl Rider was also shown using a sword just like the scouts in Attack on Titan. In the Japanese version of the game, the trophy "Your Friendly Neighborhood Prowl Rider" is instead called "Attack on Aggressor."
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