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Strike Force Lightning are the protagonists of EDF: Insect Armageddon. Lightning Alpha, or simply called 'Alpha', leads the squad in their missions in New Detroit.


Lightning is a crucial force in the fight against the Ravagers in New Detroit. After being inserted by a lander that crashed just afterwards, they are led by Ops to take down a Daddy Long Legs and defend Firebase Clyde on the way. They then proceed to battle through hordes of Ravagers and save many EDF soldiers. Eventually they are sent to find a package Intel lost. After searching numerous landers, they find it and then kill the Queen Ant while Intel weaponizes the captured Ravager tech inside the package. After arming the bomb made from Ravager technology to destroy the Queen Ant's hill, Lightning is stranded without a way out of the blast radius. Rescuing fellow stranded teams Echo and X-Ray Squads, they fight their way under the Mothership and then catch a ride from Sulley.


  • Lightning Alpha (Player)
  • Unnamed Player 2 (when active)
  • Kicker
  • Cyrus
  • Oldman
  • The Kid


  • Given the other squad designations, Strike Force Lightning is the twelfth of twenty-six squads.
  • Although it is set in a different continuity from Insect Armageddon, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain features an elite American EDF unit called "Lightning Team."