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Primary Role General combat
Armor Medium
Mobility Walking
Weapons Standard and heavy infantry arms
Special Attributes E-Dodge
For the Trooper armor from Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, see Trooper Armor.

The Trooper (トルーパー, Torūpā) is a soldier class found in Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain. Like the Ranger from the Sandlot games and the Trooper Armor from Insect Armageddon, the Trooper is the standard infantry of the EDF and is built as the default class in the game and the easiest to play for new players.


The official website for Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain describes the Trooper class as follows:

The first powered exoskeleton used for combat which appeared in year 2032. The most basic type of PA-Gear which is armed by the ground troops of EDF. By developing this, the ground troops are able to use heavily anti-aggressor weapons. Since it’s been used for a long time, suitable improvements have been done and now it became very easy to treat. It’s also an equipment that is required in an anti-aggressor war. The most unique feature would be the energy move called the “E-Dodge” which allows the user to make evading action by investing all output of the Energy Core in driving force and the shielding of the PA-Gear momentarily. In this way, not only the users can protect themselves from all attacks, but also enable them to knock down the huge creatures by the combination of driving force and shield effect. Even young troops who have not yet touched the PA-Gear before, could also treat it very easily and in every battlefields they are used, everyone may expect stable military gains.

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