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Invitation to join

Hello DreamBrisdin. I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but I was one of the bureaucrats on back when it was still called Wikizilla. A little over a year ago, the other staff members and I launched a new website for Wikizilla independent from Wikia, at We valued your edits on the site and tried to invite you to come to our new and improved site, but Wikia deleted our message attempting to notify you and other users so people wouldn't come to the new site.

We started because we wanted to create a better and more reliable website free from Wikia's restrictions and give Wikizilla a new, fresh start. Over the last year we have greatly improved the site's content and have added many new pages. has more pages than Gojipedia currently does, and has a dedicated staff with many more members than Gojipedia. We also have a larger social media presence, and an active YouTube channel dedicated to the site.

We've noticed that you are continuing to make quality edits on Gojipedia, but because Gojipedia is understaffed and doesn't have as much oversight from staff, the quality of many of its articles are still declining. You are one of very few editors on that site still making consistent and competent edits. That's why I would like to extend you an invitation to come to instead and join our editing team as we try to continue building our new site and finally leave Gojipedia behind. If you just follow this link, you will be able to create an account on and begin contributing there immediately. I think that you'll find the site's design and content to be objectively superior to Gojipedia.

I'm sorry for the long post, but I really hope you'll give us a chance and come help Wikizilla continue to grow and and improve. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to help.

Best wishes,

The King of the Monsters (talk) 00:29, December 17, 2017 (UTC)

Hi, thank you very much for the message and offer!! I remember you as well, and my answer is yes, I would love to join ;) It's an honor that I was counted as a proper editor, and thank you for that as well! (although I'm afraid my English is poor and it may require revisions each time...) I believe there are many gaps in width and depth of knowledge in Japan and the other countries, so I thought any Japanese people who's interested in should contribute to fill such gaps.
I totally agree that both Wikipedia and Wikia contain severe restrictions in terms of flexibility (these are from the same project anyway), and I myself have experienced discontents for more than once over years... and I personally feel that integrity of each encyclopedia relies on who governs it, and I don't think every encyclopedia has been blessed with this problem...
To conclude, I'm more than happy to join your project, and thank you very much for the offer! My filed is to put any additional information I've found from Japan, so I'm afraid that frequency of edits might not be a lot, but I'm happy if I can contribute. DreamBrisdin (talk) 12:47, December 18, 2017 (UTC)
I'm glad you feel this way and have agreed to help us out! Like I said, to make an account just go to and click "create account" on the top of the site and follow the instructions. If you have any questions just let me know either here or on Wikizilla.
Anything you can do to contribute on the new site, regardless of frequency, will be immensely helpful and appreciated. Adding new information found in Japanese sources is especially helpful for our purposes, as most of our editors either don't have access to very many Japanese sources or are limited in our ability to translate this information. And as always we have a staff of editors ready to assist with new edits. We also have a Discord server dedicated to the site where we can discuss edits and issues relating to the site in real time, and if you would like an invitation to it just let me know.
Thanks again for the response, and we look forward to seeing you on Wikizilla soon.
The King of the Monsters (talk) 20:31, December 18, 2017 (UTC)
I'm sorry for my delay to reply. Thank you very much, too! I agree that there aren't many Japanese to edit Wikia in English, so I'm more than happy if I can help. I will create an account soon, and hope we can create something worth!DreamBrisdin (talk) 01:08, December 23, 2017 (UTC)

Pacific Rim

The official Twitter mentions it in the context of a screenshot resembling the movie (as it is a robot punching a Kaiju), not in the context of the monsters being based on any of the creatures from Pacific Rim. Stop adding this. Evil Tim (talk) 18:54, 12 April 2021 (UTC)

Then how do you emphasize that it is "clearly" based on godzilla which is "clearly" inappropriately used? And you say to me stop adding official tweet as a reference? DreamBrisdin (talk) 06:43, 14 April 2021 (UTC)
You even removed twitter reference from erginus where I wrote as "resembling" based on the tweet. At least you should stop emphasizing godzilla's influence. DreamBrisdin (talk) 06:45, 14 April 2021 (UTC)
Because it has the classic atomic breath attack and is based on a monster from a previous game that was literally a straight copy of the classic man-in-a-rubber-suit Godzilla. Look, I've had a lot of nonsense on this wiki from kaiju fanboys, let's just stick to the most obvious one. Evil Tim (talk) 08:46, 14 April 2021 (UTC)
You know I am NOT a kaiju fan boy hence hate (and I think we are on the same side for this) their typical worshipping of Godzilla-above-all. For Soras, we can agree that it was based on Godzilla or more similally Gomora from Ultraman series, but not for the rest of series. At least could you delete the "clearly" and other emphasizes? It makes me cringe . That's why I looked for any official tweets or blogs to ever mentioning godzilla etc., then found the pacific rim. It was obvious as the first pacific rim came out just before 4.1, and I've read that official stuffs mentioned the robot vs kaiju was actually based on pacific rim, and this was according to a radio or an magazine interview on radio, referred on a fan-made wiki in Japan. Unfortunately the wiki doesn't clarify the radio name.